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If you are looking for Jesus we are here for you, everyone is welcome irrespective of your background or culture.
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Worship with us on Sunday

You can visit us at our head branch in Tottenham high road or 
visit any of our locations in the UK and elsewhere
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Join us anytime for worship

You don't need to attend for a certain time to be a member. You can 
become a member on your first day of visit
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Your needs are met

Just as the apostles did, we aim to meet the needs of everyone who cames
through our doors. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.
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Make PHCC your church family

We invite you to be part of our Tottenham assembly, but you can make 
any of our branches your church home.
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We seek to bring together diverse group of individuals from every background into a place of Praise and Worship to experience God’s Supernatural Blessings.

Why we are here

Why we are here

We are here to provide an enabling environment for the worshipping of GOD through Jesus Christ and to advance the Christian Faith. We are here for everyone who pronounces Jesus Christ as Lord.
Who we are seeking

Who we are seeking

We are here to work with everyone from any nation who is ready to pronounce Jesus Christ as Lord. Our assembly is made up of people from diverse cultures, nations and backgrounds.
What we hope for

What we hope for

It our vision to raise a community of committed Christians who will bring change and transformation to the lives of people across the globe through the power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Chris.


Our vision is the same across the family; to raise a community of committed Christians who will bring change to the destiny of lives and transformation to entire communities through the power of the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ

God will find and transform you!

Dearly Beloved,

I love to welcome you to Praise Harvest Community Church (PHCC) a place of Excellence, Fruitfulness and Productivity. I hope you enjoyed your time spent with us here and experienced a refreshing moment with us.

At PHCC, you will find yourself in the company of loving families in a friendly environment where everyone matters. You will be offered a unique opportunity to develop your capacity to become that special person God wants you to be. You will also find yourself in a placed where you will experience divine transformation and become a solution to your generation. AN EXPERIENCE WHICH IS SO UNIQUE AND REAL

Moses Asare


Gratitude to the key individuals who have volunteered and committed their lives to the spreading
of the gospel of Jesus Christ to nations over the years.
Moses Asare
Moses AsareOverseer & Founder
Founded and opened the first Praise Harvest in United Kingdom
Benard O-Preko
Benard O-PrekoLead Pastor
Instrumental in the forming of the first PHCC in UK
Bossman Asante
Bossman AsanteSenior Pastor
Established and leads Praise Harvest USA in Rosswell, Georgia
John Kissi
John KissiLead Pastor
Instrumental in the forming of the first PHCC in UK
Fred Koranteng
Fred KorantengSenior Pastor
Senior Pastor in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Rev Mrs Appiah
Rev Mrs AppiahLead Pastor
Pastors at Milton Keynes and instrumental in the forming of PHCC MK
Sharmilla Swarna
Sharmilla SwarnaSenior Pastor
Established and Leads Praise Harvest East Ham, United Kingdom
Nana Asare
Nana AsareLead Pastor
Instrumental in the forming of the first PHCC in UK


Create relationships, share your testimony, connect to spread the love of God through Jesus Christ His son.



London HQ

North London - Head Quarters
448 - 454 High Road
N17 9JN
Tel: 0208 558 9835
Mobile: 07832337345

Milton Keynes

Unit 5, Buckingham House,
Second Avenue,
West Denbigh,
Milton Keynes, MK1 1ED
Mobile: 07974282189 | 07776990735

London EastHam

Praise Harvest
Asian Community Church
72 Katherine Road
East Ham E6
Tel:07735 525898
Mobile: 07735 525898

Rosewell - USA

Praise Harvest USA INC
CDA Community Center
89 Grove Way,
Suite 107
GA. 30075
Phone:(770) 992-7100

South London

Winterbourne Community Centre
27 Wintertime Road
Thornton Heath
Tel:07946 540950
Mobile: 07944 529741/07946 540950

South Africa

South Africa (ELDORADO PARK)
20 Minnesota Street
Eldorado 1830

Mobile:+27 (61) 3115853

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