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About Rev Eric Morgan

About Pastor Eric Morgan - Living Waters Christian Fellowship, Utah - USA

Despise not the days of small beginnings!

Pastor Eric and Laura Morgan founded Living Waters Christian Fellowship on November 5, 2000. Through much prayer and travail this ministry was birthed to give life to broken, bruised and hurting people all over the world. To demonstrate their commitment to the Lord and to the calling upon their lives, Pastor Eric and Laura Morgan willing opened the door of their home to begin their ministry. With great anticipation for the first service, the Morgan’s were blessed to have eleven people in attendance, with the attendant being the Holy Spirit. As the Morgan’s continued to preach the Word of God in season and out of season, the Lord saw fit to add faithful souls to the church.

After the church grew spiritually and numerically, the Lord began to speak to Pastor Morgan about continuing the work of the ministry at a different location. With much prayer and delicate discretion, Pastor Morgan along with members of the church began to dubious task of looking for another place to continue the work. With the favor of God, the church in a short period of time was able to find a conference center at Sky Harbor Suites, which is located at 1876 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, Ut. The conference center at the Sky Harbor Suites was a blessing for the church because it allowed the church to accommodate the various needs of people that were coming into the ministry.

After a short while, the church had established a strong multi-cultural dynamic to it, which certainly confirmed the validity of the vision of the church. As Pastor Morgan and his wife continued to be faithful stewards over the ministry, the Lord added more souls and resources to the church. After seven months of ministry at Sky Harbor, it was time for the church to expand its borders again and relocate. Needless to say, Pastor Morgan and the members of Living Waters Christian Fellowship were able to relocate the ministry to an old but beautiful Lutheran Church building located at First Avenue 387 East Street, Salt Lake City, Ut.
This also proved to be a great move for the church because of the location and the enlargement of the membership. At this time God was establishing a stronger foundation within the church by restoring families, relationship, and the human spirit of those who placed their trust in Jesus. The church also experienced unprecedented moves of the Spirit where children were coming to be saved and filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We celebrated many joyous occasions and great victories at this location as we witnessed the mighty hand of God in action. Although many wonderful works were taking place at this location, it was time for the church to move once again. With our next move, we were directed to 537 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, Ut.
We were blessed to see God transform the lives of His people in extraordinary ways. Great exploits of God’s power was being performed every week as the saints gather together in the name of Jesus. As God continues to move the vision of this church forward, Pastor Morgan and the members of Living Waters Christian Fellowship were being reminded each day that our Lord is faithful, and that He is God of increase.

A message preached by Rev Eric Morgan in PHCC. Title: Fulfilling your vision.
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